Download Android for PC

It’s here and ready to download the new Android operating system for our PC. The guys at Google have developed an ISO image of a preliminary version of Android for mobile, but this time focused on x86 architectures (computers). In this way we can prove in our PC, either by downloading the image and burning a CD or USB saving it, to see that such are taking the Android theme for PCs and laptops (netbooks).

android for pc

The first impression is very good, although it is clear that it is still very focused on both smartphones and desktop PCs or laptops.
We have used Virtual Box 3.0, for testing and for stability and performance is excellent.

To download it click here. There are two parts that are right with “. Iso” [liveandroidv0.2.iso.001 and liveandroidv0.2.iso.002]. To join these two parts you can use this little program.


To join two parts:

1. Once downloaded the two sides, open the little program i press the JOIN option. Here you will be asked to attach and file will have to choose the first part, liveandroidv0.2.iso.001 file.

2. Press START and when finished you will have a. ISO ready to burn to CD, boot it with VMWare or VirtualBox or save to a flash drive.

I leave some pictures to see, but I invite you to download and try it because you can leave your genuine feedback on that OS after playing around with it.