How to Run Android on PC

The world of smartphones has been slowly invaded by Android being the only possible competitor of iOS from Apple. There are many Android powered devices that are being activated daily. This was announced by Andy Rubin from Google. This feedback makes it a great idea for further development and experimentation of their software. But some people are curious about how to run Android on PC without buying a device.

Android is an open source making it easier for people to grab the codes to Android and have a control over it. The development of Android software was mainly made by Google. In the next few years, this will be the kind of partnership that they will have. Google is committed to release the source code for its work with the use of a free software license. This is covered under the banner of the Android Open Source Project. This answers the question on how one can be able to run Android on PC without having to buy a phone.

How to Run Android on PC

With the technology that we have today, people do not have to buy a mobile phone just to be able to try the latest Android software. Using Windows, you can now be able to run individual Android applications with their latest versions of Android OS.

Windows has been trying to make things covered for people who would like to try an Android OS before they buy a device, sync applications between your Android device to your Windows PC, or just want to experiment with the newest versions of Android.

Here are some of the best ways on how to run Android on PC:

1.Using YouWave

With a 7-day trial provided by YouWave, people can be able to have enough time to get the feel of using Android apps. Though it does not include many applications for Android, one can get it from other app stores online. YouWave is very easy to use and install. With just a few clicks, you will be able to have the average experience of running Android on your PC.

2. BlueStacks

This is another way to run Android on your PC. Although it does not offer a full experience for Android, it acts as an application player which can run individual applications on Windows. It can be used in a full screen mode, but can be used with the command set for Windows to be able to use other programs while it is running. If you have an Android device, you can sync all your Android applications installed in your PC by installing a BlueStack Cloud connect application which is made available in the Android market.

3. The Official Android Emulator

There is a kit that has been developed by Google called the Android software development kit. This provides users a free Android emulator for those people who are eager to learn how to run Android on PC. The latest version of Android can be used in this emulator. So, if you have an Android device which is stuck on an older version, you can actually try running a newer version on it. The Android Emulator does not work as well as the BlueStacks or YouWave, but people can download and install applications inside it.

Because of the openness of Android in making their customers experience it using their PC, they have developed several ways to provide quality service which is as good as what the “real” device gives due to some limitations. But in the end, they still have gained a plus point against their competitors.

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